About Us

Dezhou Deguan Textile Machinery Co., Ltd is the manufacturer of textile finishing machinery.

As a manufacturer of textile finishing machinery, DEGUAN focus on this area for 20 years and we had achieved lots of customers and market. In order to expand overseas market and get our customers’ satisfactory feedback, we will devote more in future to improve our technology and machines. DEGUAN will strive for this target today and tomorrow.

We had two items of fabric finishing machinery — Open fabric and Tubular fabric. Open fabric machinery including Heat Setting Stenter, Open Width Compactor, Relax Dryer and other equipped machines. The tubular fabric machinery including Tubular Balloon Padder, Tubular Compactor, Relax Dryer, Tubular Heat Setting machine, Tubular Calendering machine and Air Turning machine, Precision Folder, a whole set of equipment.

We export our machines to USA, Canada, UK, Uzbekistan, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, etc.

In fact, our engineer designed and produced the first Tubular Compactor in China, since then we are keeping improvement of our technology under the hard work of experienced engineer team.

Keeping advantage in finishing industry is our target and we are never stop our marching steps.

Details could be searched by our website of www.textilemachinery.com.cn