Professional and Improving technology is the base of quality to ensure the machine good enough for your production and process

New technology and new design to improve present machines, as our engineer’s self-motivated, always over customer’s expection. Now bigger and higher efficient Tubular Compactor produced, more fast with more processing capacity. Open fabric heat setting machine is more suitable for small factory, saving investment comparing with stenter machine. Also, Balloon Padder with new structure will give you surprise.Anyway, call us for more details against your potential request.

Textile finishing machine — tubular soft heat setting machine

Popular,Normal, Simple but high efficiency with good price, this soft heat setting machine for tubular cotton fabric is a smart choice for small factories.

With 12mm Dupont Nomex blanket, 2cylinders heated by thermal oil by electricity, only electricity, no need other heating source, applied widely, professional processing machine.

More details please refer to our specification list.

Tensionless Dryer with 8 chambers for open width fabric

As the leader of Relax Dryer machine manufacturer, we keep the advanced technology and reliable quality applied in this machine.

35tons min production capacity per day, is 8 chambers Relax Dryer’s powerful and trus-worth performance. With high standard equipment ( Siemens motor / inverter/ PLC/ HMI ), more beautiful appearence, now already installed and run in perfect status.

Here we share some pictures and hope you can enjoy from them.

Not each padder could be called “Balloon Padder”

About Balloon Padder machine, you can learn enough from our introduction and specification. Yes, it contains Detwisting unit, Ballooning unit and Padding unit, so that’s why it is called ” Balloon Padder”. Because this machine is equipped with auto blowing system, the tubular fabric would be blowed into air becoming a balloon status, then enter into padder unit to squeeze. The fabric surface has no damage and no any mark, totally replace of strecher technology, which is old technology and make some bad effect on fabric. 
The balloon fabric is tensionless and natural status, it will be in a better effect after padding.
So, here we ask you to compare other so-called “balloon padder” machine, check to see if they have auto blowing system, if they are still using old strecher system, but call itself “balloon padder”, it would be fake machine or cheating you with fraud intendness. 
Besides of this, the old tubular padder machine need 3 persons to operate, but our ”Balloon Padder” only need one operator, mostly it’s automatic.Also, please check carefully and clearly, some supplier steal our photo and video regarding as their machine in advertisement, but they cannot produce and supply our machine for you, we here remind you of this kind of action to avoid any potential risk.

If you have any question about any machine from us, please feel free to conatct us for further details.

Now China is safe and return to normal order

Till now, COVID-19 is totally under control in China, following factories back into normal order, the whole society will become as usual in coming few days this month.

Meanwhile, the other countries and places are infectted rapidly, expanded so many people around every corner of world.

China already offer help and provided disinfection goods/medicine/doctors to more than 82 countries facing virus threat. As a Chinese member, we’d like to struggle together with all friends and creat a bright future from present situation. We experinced the same about two month ago, we hope world would recover from this epidemic virus back into a healthy family.

Right now, our factory is keeping normal production to fulfil orders for our customers. Comparing present serious situation, everything is suspended because of corona virus, so it’s the good time for owners to start basic construction and machinery investment, their competitor are not work, so they have enough time to prepare everthing for future production.

If you have same idea or agree with this point, tell me your next plan, we will follow it and offer you a perfect solution based on our plenty of experience.

Deguan, just like our China, would like to bear the responsiblity to help each other and spend difficult and happy time together.

Let’s pray and fighting!

Chinese New Year is coming with best begining


Chinese New Year is Jan.24th, 2020,  which is Chinese Rat Year, the first of Chinese Zodiac Signs.

All China will enter this greatest holiday from next week, but for us, no problem to offer you service during these days.

In this important Chinese traditional moment, we send all of our customers and friends best wishes —  Good Luck, Family Union, Peaceful and Healthy.

Our perfect textile finishing machine will be kept in a good status, we’d like to make your business benefit from our machine and enjoy the whole cooperation.


Shanghaitex 2019 is coming

By the end of this month, Shanghaitex 2019 will be open as yearly ceremony. Now all things are ready for attending this great exhibition and looking forward to meeting old friend and new customer from all over the world.

In our factory, we also prepared enough to customer’s visit. Since you come to China, visiting running machine and factory is essential during business negotiation, Deguan welcome all to our workshop and show you around our excellent machines.

If you have any question about our finishing machine, leave your message or send us email, we will answer you without any hesitate.


Textile Finishing Machinery manufacturer — stenter,dryer,compactor,padder, slitter, expander,calender, detwister,heat setter,precision folder, air turner, fabric inspector,etc.



As a manufacturer of textile finishing machinery, DEGUAN focus on this area for 20 years and we had achieved lots of customers and market. In order to expand overseas market and get our customers’ satisfactory feedback, we will devote more in future to improve our technology and machines. DEGUAN will strive for this target today and tomorrow.

We had two items of fabric finishing machinery — Open fabric and Tubular fabric. Open fabric machinery including Heat Setting Stenter, Open Width Compactor, Relax Dryer and other equipped machines. The tubular fabric machinery including Tubular Balloon Padder, Tubular Compactor, Relax Dryer, Tubular Heat Setting machine, Tubular Calendering machine and Air Turning machine, Precision Folder, a whole set of equipment. We export our machines to USA, Canada, UK, Uzbekistan, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, etc.

In fact, our engineer designed and produced the first Tubular Compactor in China, since then we are keeping improvement of our technology under the hard work of experienced engineer team. Keeping advantage in finishing industry is our target and we are never stop our marching steps.

Chambers, optional heat sources parts (Gas, Oil, Steam), belt, motor, reducer, PLC, touch screen, burners, and other key parts are equipped with high quality international famous brand. We just want to offer you safe and comfortable working circumstance experience.

We, DEGUAN, will make us and customers enjoy from our strict quality, best service. Under a good reputation brand, high standard textile finishing machines along with thoughtful after-sale service, we hope your choice will never let you down, and we cherish every opportunity to cooperate with you.

DEGUAN, always remind of ourselves —– fine start is half done!

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Tubular and Open fabric process machine — Tensionless Drying machine

Tensionless Drying machine DGHG2800 with multi-pass entry, is the professional finishing machine in textile industry to dry all kinds of fabric after dyeing.

Three layers heating chambers with reliable and high temperature-resisit conveyor net, make the relaxed fabric drier with low moisture content. Heating source could be steam, oil or gas, work under different temperature controlled by self according to material requirement.

Standard equipment of Siemens motor provide high efficient process and quality guaranteed, world famous brand component ( Schineider, Omron, Honeywell, etc) inside of machine, is the dependant offering stable working status.

As the following pictures show, our double pass Tensionless Drying machine already exported worldwidely, installed in customer’s workshop, play a role in their production.


Equipped with squeezing machine ( padder ), much more quantity could be reached in this stage.

And customer’s satisfaction is our working purpose, our machine will never let you down.

Try to send us your requiements, no problem for customized design and meet your personal technical demand.

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